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Attitude Digital (info@attitude-digital.com.br) is the digital holding of @titude Global responsible for the integration and optimization of great digital businesses and their great entrepreneurs. Attitude Digital leads the formation of an independent multinational group.

@titude Global (www.attitude-global.com) is a leading corporate communications group with a global footprint, and the world‘s largest independent provider of integrated investor relations services. @titude Global, an investee of the Jardim Botanico private equity fund, has offices in Beijing, Chicago, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, San Diego, São Paulo, Shanghai and Taipei. Driven by the principles of innovation, technology and integration, the Group provides exclusive services to more than 580 clients in 12 countries through its leading brands: MVL and BRIC (corporate communications), MZ (investor relations), LEAD (governance, technology for boards and equity journey), and Attitude Digital and Pixit (digital agency and web video).


Mauricio Costa, President of Attitude Digital

Mauricio Costa is an entrepreneur and advertiser. He graduated from FIAM, with post-graduate studies at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and an MBA from The State University of New York College at Buffalo, and has over 20 years of experience in the digital communications market, having worked for several companies, including Apple, SGI, Tenda Digital and the Publicis Group.

An Executive Officer at Publicis Modem AG2 until early 2012, Mauricio led the business, new business, marketing and media areas. He also headed APADI - the São Paulo Digital Agency Association, where he was honored in 2011 "for supporting and enhancing the associative principle, enabling us to believe in the construction of an association that would add value to the digital market."

The perception of innovation leads to ideas that transform the world.Mauricio Costa
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